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My name is David W. Bolton.  I am honored to be nominated for 2nd Vice-President of the PSAB.  I bring years of service to the State Association with my involvement in many local, county and state government committees that make me a viable candidate for PSAB 2nd Vice-President. 

As a Certified Borough Official through the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) and a Certified Municipal Administrator through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, I have been educated in best practices and has demonstrated such by leading meetings in the various organizations and committees on which I serve. Additionally, as a Municipal Administrator, Legislative Chair for the Adams County Boroughs Association and voting member to the PSAB Resolution and Policy Committee, I am well versed in the writing, vetting and adoption processes involved with ordinances, resolutions, motions and regulations.

In regard to budget and finances, I was responsible for both at Abbottstown Borough and was also involved for two terms as a Councilor for McSherrystown Borough with municipal budgets, as well as those for the various organizations for which I have been honored to serve. Being involved with Capital Budgets for municipalities, various governmental and non-profit organizations, as well as my education, I vow to put fiscally-conservative principles at the front of PSAB business decisions. While serving as a Municipal Administrator and Deputy Tax Collector.

With over 20 years of successful business management in various supervisory roles, as well as my education and experience in promoting effective workplace environments, I bring an attitude of empowerment and professional development to the PSAB team. 

Finally, as a formerly appointed and elected State Constable, I understand the needs of our first responders and have promoted legislation and resolutions to help our volunteer service providers.

I offer 30+ years of successful business management experience. Having been awarded by employers for outstanding performance in areas related to profit passthrough (or cost savings), I have always demonstrated a propensity to put (or keep) as much revenue as possible on the bottom line.

I strengthened these skills through education; acquiring certification as a Municipal Administrator through the PA DCED, collecting over 150 credits towards Certified Borough Officials designation through PA State Association of Boroughs, amassing 95 credits in two semesters towards my Bachelor of Science, Business Management degree and then achieving a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in just 15 weeks, all possible through my training and understanding of business principles. The Abbottstown Council can attest to my proven fiscal prowess as Municipal Administrator.

The responsibility to better personal skills do not stop at our staff and Directors. With my involvements through municipal government, I have been able to attend classes and receive certifications through the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development and the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB). Acquiring over 110 credits in municipal government, legislative and legal coursework, holding leadership positions in various organizations and speaking at events on municipal issues, I have been recognized for results in getting several laws passed in Pennsylvania to help our citizens with awards from the PSAB  and the Adams County Boroughs Association. 

Through my involvement with the Adams County Council of Governments’ Legislative Committee, I was asked to represent the group by Committee Chair Bob Gordon and met with Rep. Dan Moul to discuss issues within the 2008 PA Right-To-Know laws. Many for-profit companies are data-mining our municipal records and the costs are currently absorbed by taxpayers. We need changes in statute that allow for municipalities to recuperate research and preparation wages of non-constituent commercial requests. Additionally, current RTK laws do not protect such personal information such as employee addresses, with few exceptions. We need safeguards from these types of invasions. We will be working on a municipal resolution to gain grassroots support in the PA House and Senate to pass legislation as such.

I have been in the offices of and advocated PSAB's mission to many elected officials in Harrisburg. I am known throughout the state as a "go-to" guy that will make things happen and get laws passed. Please vote David W. Bolton for PSAB 2nd Vice-President in June.

Candidate Biography and Policies

  Sen. Doug Mastriano (PA-33)              Rep. Scott Perry                   Abe Lincoln, Scott Wagner and Tara 

Sgt Matthew Bolton, USMC