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Everybody Talks, but what do "those in the know"

say about David W. Bolton?

"During the time that I have known David, I have been witness to his incredible leadership.  He has a great passion for making municipalities across Pennsylvania a better place to live.  He is a natural leader, and his time management and organizational skills are exceptional.", Sandy Conrad, Littlestown Secretary/Treasurer and Adams County Boroughs Association Secretary.

"In my capacity as President of the Adams County Boroughs Association and Mayor of the Borough of Carroll Valley, I have witnessed our Vice-President Bolton's willingness to assist others in county and borough affairs.  He has an excellent rapport with many of our ACBA members.  He has been a tremendous asset to me to accomplish the association's mission.  In addition to being highly reliable, Mr. Bolton is an individual of strong character."  Lt. Col. Ronald J. Harris.

"As an active member of the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, I have gotten to meet elected and appointed officials from boroughs all around the Commonwealth.  At every reach of this great state of ours, boroughs are guided by the same Code, but driven by vastly different points of view.  While there are dozens of very active PSAB members who put themselves forward to progress the Association, I can point to only one (staff excluded) who has consistently made the effort to be a solid voice for each and every borough:  Mr. Bolton.", Brad Gotshall, Manager, Indiana Borough.

"I have been Mayor for the length of Mr. Bolton’s term. To be honest, we are of different political parties and at times do not agree on political matters. That being said, I can assure (you) that Mr. Bolton has worked with me on several items of interest and politics did not interfere with the work and determination to get the job done and benefit the citizens of the borough...

Mr. Bolton is a tireless worker in preparing himself to be the best councilman and representative of the people. He has been involved in county and state associations that better assist him in serving the people. He works a full time job and is on the road for that position and still is in pursuit of his Master’s Degree and attends all county and state board meetings and holds leadership positions in some of the boards he serves.", Mayor Anthony Weaver, McSherrystown Borough.

"Mr. Bolton has shown himself to be a visionary leader on every board on which he serves.  When he chooses a project, he sees it through, which is not common in elected officials.  He is a natural leader, and his time management and organizational skills are exemplary.  David has the ability to quickly assess situations, brainstorm possible solutions and act decisively, often employing the ideas of the whole team to gain concensus and thus making it a "team win", Adams County Commissioner Marty Qually.

David is an upstanding role model and member of the community.  His involvement with the boards and committees he serves indicates to me his dedication and desire to improve our communities and its quality of life.  The desire to further his education and municipal experience again shows me that he is a true servant and has the public's interest at heart.  David's various volunteer experiences, work ethic, community involvement and dedication undoubtably  demonstrates his principles as a community leader.", Representative Dan Moul, PA 91st District.